Each mL contains:                 
Gentamicin (as sulfate)..............................40.0 mg     

Indication & Clinical Use:

Urinary and Respiratory Tract Infections, Skin and Soft Tissue  infections,  Intra-abdominal  Infections, Bacterial Septicemia, Bacterial neonatal sepsis, Serious Central Nervous System Infections (e.g. meningitis), Genito-urinary tract, Gastro-intestinal Tract (including peritonitis),  Gonorrrhea,  Conjunctivitis,  Keratitis, Blepharitis, and Kerato-conjunctivitis.


Nephropathy  Individuals  with a  history of  hypersensitivity or toxic to Gentamicin and other aminoglycosides.

Dosage & Administration:

For adult: usually 40-80 mg (potency); 2-3 times daily
For children: 3-5 mg/kg body weight per day
For infants (over one week): 6 mg/kg per day                     
                (over one month): 3 mg/kg body weight; 2 times daily
Dilute 1 mg/kg weight in 100-200 mL of Normal Saline or 5%
Dextrose injection until the solution contains 0.1% concentration.

Storage Conditions:

Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C.


Manufactured by :

Oriental Chemical Works Inc. , Taipei-Hsien Taiwan

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